ENHANCE Summer Course on 'Ethics and Epistemology of AI' in Berlin

Tuesday, 7 March 2023

Berlin University of Technology invites all students from the ENHANCE Alliance to an international Summer Course on 'Ethics and Epistemology of AI' organised under Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programme.

The course is innovative, interdisciplinary and experimental. It responds to the challenges of the increasingly widespread use of chatbots such as Replika, ChatGPT or applications designed to improve our mental health (e.g. Happyfy).

In the first week of May (1-5.05.2023), participants will all gather in Berlin to decode together values, assumptions and stereotypes that are backed into AI artefacts by (re)coding them and by examining their impact on us, others, and the world we live in via a qualitative self-experiment.

The course will provide students with the necessary theoretical foundations stemming from both computer science (in particular AI and digital technologies) and ethics. This knowledge will be put into practice and deepened through case-based projects carried out in interdisciplinary groups. The projects will address the current challenges encountered through the use of AI technologies in different fields of application (e.g. social relationships), as well as discuss different implementations and possible avenues of research that could enable the development of ethically acceptable AI systems. At the end of the course the project groups will prepare a presentation of their project as well as a scientific poster.

The course does not require prior knowledge or programming skills.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE - 19th of March 2023

Contact person: Rahel Moser (j.moser@tu-berlin.de)

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