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dr inż. Sebastian Korczak

Deputy director for scientific affairs

dr inż. Dorota Górnicka

Deputy director for didactic matters

dr inż. Radosław Nowak


mgr Justyna Szewczyk
room: 1.5
phone: 22 234 8286
fax: 22 234 8622


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Institute of Machine Design Fundamentals was established in 1970. Its main areas of activity are the education of academic and doctoral students, as well as research and development in a broad spectrum of design, production, investigation, operation and disposal of machines. In particular, the Institute's agenda includes education and research in fields having a significant influence on technology and the economy:

  • advanced strength analysis, including fatigue, fracture and contact phenomena;
  • mechanical vibrations, their influence on a human and environment, as well as active vibration damping;
  • integration and automatization of design and production processes;
  • modelling, design and application of smart materials and structures;
  • modern techniques of engineering drawing and Computer Aided Engineering systems;
  • technical diagnosis and machine dynamics, including rotor machines and drivetrains;
  • new techniques of production, including additive manufacturing technologies in the medical field;
  • metrology and normalization;
  • design and technology of bevel and hypoid bevel gears;
  • disposal of materials, machines and vehicles after the end of their service life.

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