Registration for physical education classes

We would like to kindly remind you that the second round of registration for physical education classes is underway. This option should be used primarily by students who have not managed to register for classes earlier due to late registration for the next year of studies at the Faculty of SiMR. According to the recent information obtained from the College of Physical Education and Sport (Studium Wychowania Fizycznego i Sportu), the second registration round will be possible by the end of next week (16.10.2022).

All important information can be found on the website of the College of Physical Education and Sport.Please read it carefully.

Please see the offer in the Physical education timetable. After finding suitable classes, contact the teacher directly to determine if there are still any vacancies in the group. Teachers' e-mail addresses are provided on the same website. If there are still places available in the desired group, the teacher will add the student to the class. If not, please keep looking for another group. If you absolutely cannot find a class group, please contact Dr Katarzyna Dzioban (e-mail is provided on the website).

You can also try to register for classes in USOS (if this function is active).

Students who fail to register by 16.10.2022, despite completing the above procedure, please contact the Student Office at SiMR in order to sign up for the list. The College of Physical Education and Sport will consider the possibility of creating an additional class for people from this list, but the choice of sport disciplines will be very limited or impossible.

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