Fields of Study

Mechanics and Machine Design (in English and in Polish)

Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering. The education in this field of study enables to gain comprehensive engineering knowledge of general machine design, as well as the expertise, concerning the design, production, safety, control and exploitation of "the faculty objects of interest", i.e. vehicles (cars, tractors, railway vehicles) and construction machinery (building and road machines, cranes, conveyors, etc.).

The graduate of the Mechanics and Machine Design field of study possesses extensive general knowledge connected with basic subjects and specialist knowledge of machinery and vehicle construction. The graduate is also able to use modern tools of computer-aided design, production and exploitation process, which are applied in contemporary design offices.

This results in the interdisciplinary, systemic approach to solving technical problems as well as in taking other challenges in their work, including those related to intensive development of science and technology.

The Mechanics and Machine Design field of studies consists of the first-cycle studies (undergraduate) for Engineer’s degree, and the second-cycle studies (postgraduate) for Master’s degree, available as a full-time and a part-time study modes.

For the second-cycle (MSc) studies, the Mechanics and Machine Design field of study is available both in Polish and in English. The latter is provided in the Double Degree System in cooperation with the Technical University Berlin.


The Course elements library for the first-cycle studies in Polish is available here.

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Mechatronics (in Polish)

The Mechatronics field of study (MTR) provides comprehensive knowledge which allows to apply this discipline in mechanical engineering, particularly concerning vehicles and construction machinery.

Teaching in the Mechatronics field of study is carried out so as to enable students to experience practical contact with the state-of-the-art computing equipment, computational and design methods and also modern material technology. The students of this field of study also acquire comprehensive electronic and information technology expertise (programming languages, operating systems, databases, computer networks).

In addition to lectures led by eminent experts in many different fields of science, significant number of subjects are carried out in the form of laboratories, projects and seminars. Such mode of teaching allows to prepare students for self-formulating and solving specific tasks.

Versatility and interdisciplinary education, broadened by knowledge of the latest achievements in the field of mechatronics allows the graduates of these studies to adapt easily to the requirements of the labour market, at the post of mechatronics engineer, as well as in scientific research units and in the sector of so-called advanced technologies.

The MTR field of study consists of BSc and MSc studies available as full-time and part-time study modes.

The speciality offer in the MTR field of study includes not only those strictly connected with vehicle and construction machinery mechatronics, but also the speciality related to smart structures.  


The Course elements library in Polish is available here.

Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Engineering (in English and in Polish)

Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Engineering field of study (IPEH) is appropriate for those who want to become engineers working in the fields of intensive science and technology development, ready to work on electro-mechanical drive construction, in particular for hybrid and electric vehicles including special vehicles.

Education in this field of study allows for gaining multidisciplinary knowledge necessary for design and technical support for complex technical systems with energy-accumulation in view of the analyses of basic physicochemical processes, applying non-conventional materials and automatic control.

Modern approach to the educational process provides the graduate with indispensable basic knowledge, extended in the scope appropriate to technical complexity of contemporary environmentally-friendly vehicles, but mainly to skills in engineering design analysis.

The graduate has knowledge of basic science issues in the area of electric and hybrid drives and knowledge of modern materials and component technology indispensable for practical implementation of electric and hybrid drives.

The Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Engineering field of study is available as BSc studies of the full-time study mode.


The Course elements library in Polish is available here.

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