Student Research Clubs

At the SiMR Faculty you can develop interest through participation in the student research movement. The students can choose from among several permanent student research clubs and programmes.

The SiMR faculty students can boast about numerous structures built from the ground up. Some of them successfully take part in international competitions.

The student research movement gives you opportunity to take up many challenges in other areas of research and construction activity.


Car Engineers Research Club

The club deals with broadly understood vehicle mechanics: from mechanical or mechatronic unit design to its actual construction.

Car Sports Research Club

The club deals with a range of motor sports related issues. From sports vehicle design considerations to begin with, through complexities of their construction, to active participation in competitions.

Heavy Machinery Engineering Research Club

The club started in 2013 at the Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering. Addressed mainly at the faculty’s own students, it is by no means closed to students from other departments or universities. Its members research the problems of heavy machinery or vehicle construction, automation of work processes and robot design.

The club fosters practical engineering skills, teaches modern approaches to the field of heavy machinery, cars and robots development as well as promotes the University at numerous fairs or exhibitions.

Academic supervisor is Paweł Ciężkowski Ph.D, Eng