WUT SiMRacing Team builds a motorcycle for an international competition

WUT SiMRacing Team

WUT SiMRacing Team, as a section of the Vehicle Mechanic Student Research Group operating within the SiMR Faculty, is working on a prototype of a preMoto3 motorcycle to enter it for the MotoStudent competition, which will be held in Spain in October. Our WUT SiMRacing Team will be the only Polish team among the participants.

Competition organizers provide all the teams with the same engine (a 250cc engine from the KTM RC250 road motorcycle), wheels, tires and a brake system. The teams have to design the rest and then build a motorcycle. According to the Rules and Regulations of the competition, the minimum weight of the motorcycle should be 95 kg.

Students have started by developing a preliminary concept for the motorcycle, including its dimensions, the driver’s position, the chassis geometry and the suspension system. All elements were modelled using CAD software and then calculated to check the durability of the structure. Some parts will be manufactured by the students themselves, but other will need to be ordered from external suppliers. The construction stage is scheduled to end by the end of July. Then the team plans to test the vehicle for about 2.5 months.

This year the MotoStudent competition is organized for the 5th time, with 74 teams from 17 countries participating. The WUT SimRacing Team will join the event for the first time.

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