SiMR Team successful at the Shell Eco Marathon Europe

Students from Car Engineers Research Club at the Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering (SiMR) traditionally took part in The Shell Eco Marathon Europe. 

Hussar vehicle managed to improve its last year track record doing 375,86  km to one litre of petrol (against 326 kilometres in 2013), which resulted in 26th  place out of 59 teams in Prototype- Gasoline category and produced the only official final result for Polish vehicles.

SiMR second vehicle, Green Arrow F1 car, was ranked 15th (42,66 km/kWh) out of 31 teams participating in Urban Concept- Battery category.

Hussar team consisted of:

  • Michał Trojgo
  • Damian Jarzębowski
  • Michalina Gruszecka
  • Marek Dąbrowski
  • Marta Położyńska
  • Daniel Karpiński
  • Filip Furmańczyk

Green Arrow team included:

  • Przemysław Szczepaniak  
  • Tomasz Sowa                
  • Maciej Kowal                
  • Stefan Demski               
  • Damian Walczak           
  • Adam Pawluczuk             
  • Szymon Skrzypiec