Our student helps as a volunteer in Kenya

Student of our faculty, Stefan Pytel, together with his family has been helping people in Africa for over two years as a volunteer of the Harambee Poland Foundation. In 2017 he spent nearly one month in Kenya, renovating buildings among other things.

He stayed there with a priest and worked mainly on the parish grounds. Together with three students from Spain, two guys from Poland and his father, they have managed to plant several hundred trees, paint the church and build a chapel – to mention just a few things.

Asked about benefits of the volunteer activity, Stefan Pytel names the opportunity to find out about a different culture and learn new things, such as brick making, and many more. Working like that as a volunteer, you come to appreciate what you have in your life, he says, and continues: If I can make a difference to somebody’s life or bring a smile to children’s faces by what I do, I feel it all makes sense and I am even more willing to help again.

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