Grants for long term apprenticeships

A new project has been launched within Development Programme of Warsaw University of Technology. 

Its purpose is to finance three-month apprenticeship at companies or research centres. The programme is addressed to students of selected departments including the Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering (SiMR).

"Car Engineers Research Club" achievements

Green Arrow - place 18, Hussar - place 28

Students belonging to "Car Engineers Research Club" (Koło Mechaników Pojazdów - KNMP) at our Faculty (SiMR) took part in Eco-Shell-Marathon in Rotterdam between May15 and19, 2013.

SiMR graduate succeeds in PFRON contest

Our Faculty (SiMR) graduate and a contestant in the last inside department contest for the best MSc thesis in year 2011/2012, Mr Jacek Nowicki, won the third prize in the Xth All Poland “Otwarte Drzwi” contest for the best PhD and Master theses devoted to health, occupational, and social aspects of disability organised by Państwowy Fundusz Rehabilitacji Osób Niepełnosprawnych (National Fund for the Rehabilitation of Disabled).

The prize winning thesis competed in the category: “Occupational rehabilitation and technological solutions for disabled people.”

Our Faculty students at KONIK fairs

On October 15 and 16 our Faculty (SiMR) students representing its research clubs had the pleasure to present their achievements at Warsaw University of Technnology Research Clubs Fairs “KONIK 2013”

SiMR stands were prepared by "Car Engineers Research Club" (Koło Naukowe Mechaników Pojazdów), "Car Sports Research Club" (Koło Naukowe Sportów Samochodowych) and students involved in „Generacja Przyszłości” Project.