General Information

We aim at the concentration of brainpower and resources on the selected main fields of research as set out in the statute of the Faculty, taking into consideration contemporary industry and work market demand:

  • Our main concern are the projects which contribute to the development of the academic staff
  • We prioritise viable research improving the construction, control over and manufacturing of vehicles and machines. 
  • We include environmental concern into our projects.
  • We foster research on energy saving vehicle drives and energy efficiency of manufacturing processes. 
  • We develop new research methods for vehicles and machines.
  • We develop research on safety and durability of vehicles and machines.
  • We make every effort to ensure due maintenance level of our facilities to prompt the high level of education and research

Both statutory and our own research is run in teams lead by independent academics. Our own research last year fruited in works within two High Priority Programs: Innovative Technologies and  Innovative Materials. The outcome of all research is published in numerous journals: national and foreign and presented at conferences as well. It is also preserved in the form of substantial reports, specifications, computer programs, research stands and didactic material. Essential part of our activity is cooperation with academic centres abroad: in  China, France, Canada, Germany, Italy and Ukraine.