SiMR Faculty Day 11 V 2016

Dean and the Faculty Council of the Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering Faculty kindly invite for the Faculty Day Celebration which will take place on 11th May of 2016 at 84 Narbutta str. in Warsaw.

Schedule of the SiMR Faculty Celebrations 11.05.2016

Main building of SiMR Faculty:

Time Event  Hall         
10:30 Ceremonious open session of the Faculty Council Multimedia hall
11:30 Lecture delivered by prof. Stanisław Wincenciak about the low frequency electromagnetic field influence on human's body Multimedia hall
12:00 Commemorative certificate hand over ceremony 2.5
12:00 Start of the debating panels* *
13:00 Children arts exhibition: "Vehicles and machinery in child's eyes" Foyer of Multimedia hall
13:15 Lunch 3.4
14:00 - 15:00 Visiting the faculty laboratories 0.2, 0.2A, 0.3A, 0.04, 1.2
14:00 Unveiling the commemorative QR plates memorializing soldiers of the Home Army, students and lecturers of the Wawelberg and Rotwand School Eastern passage - ground floor
11:00 - Charity lottery Main hall - ground floor

Faculty parking area:

Time Event
12:00 Vehicle exhibition by the Scientific Circles of the Faculty Students
12:00 Tractors exhibition – Scania, Volvo and a special purpose vehicle by PIMOT
12:00 Vehicle exhibition by Toyota Carolina Car Company
13:00 Grill with the Faculty's Student Government Council
13:00 Tasting the dishes prepared by foreign students and cultural performamnces
14:15 Volleyball match of the Faculty Students

In addition: test drives of the vehicles built by the Scientific Circles of the Faculty Students and the vehicles provided by Toyota Carolina Car Company.

*Topics of debating panels:

Topics of debating panels Hall
Scania – Technology, innovations and good employer in one 3.11
Toyota – Toyota Way and hybrid and hydrogen future drive 3.14
3D print – Applications and prospects 2.19
Active suspensions – legitymacy, current designs and searching for new solutions 1.10
How to achieve business success after graduating the Faculty of the Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering – speeches of SiMR graduates Multimedia hall
What can be done to improve the road safety 3.12


Download the Celebration's agenda and facility layouts:

Program obchodów dnia Wydziału SiMR 11.05.2016.pdf

Dzień Wydziału SiMR 2016 - plany.pdf

Dzień Wydziału SiMR 2016 - plan 1 pietra.pdf