Semifinals of XV Olimpiada Techniki Samochodowej - results

On March 22, 2014 Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering (SiMR) hosted semifinals of XV Olimpiada Techniki Samochodowej (XV Car Technology Competition). The test of 40 questions summed up general knowledge including mathematics, physics, materials, engineering drawings, manufacturing technology, machine design fundamentals as well as specialist information on construction, diagnostics, repairs and exploitation of motor vehicles including aspects of environmental protection and health and safety at the workplace regulations. 466 pupils faced the challenge.

The participants had 45 minutes to crack the test that contained multiple choice questions and  computational problems. The level of difficulty of the problems varied, which was reflected in varied scoring.  Each answer could receive from one to three points respectively. The maximum total amounted to 80 points.

Having analysed all the tests the commission in charge qualified 10 contestants to meet in the finals:

Finals participants:

1. Rafał DZIĘGIEL Krosno 68 pkt.
2. Michał ŻACZEK Wrocław 61 pkt.
3. Krzysztof TARASEWICZ Białystok 60 pkt.
4. Radosław NIERODA Krosno 59 pkt.
5. Piotr SIŁA Wolbórz 59 pkt.
6. Mateusz PATLA Krosno 58 pkt.
7. Jakub GAWORCZYK Bochnia 57 pkt.
8. Paweł GWIŻDŻ Nowy Targ 57 pkt.
9. Tomasz LECH Dynów 57 pkt.
10. Jacek OCHENDÓŻKA Skalbmierz 57 pkt.

The final stage of the Competition (practical application of the participants’ knowledge) will be held in Warsaw on May 10, 2014 at Robert Bosch Sp. Z o.o. in ul. Jutrzenki 105 at 10:00 am.